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You can either trade by yourself
or let us trade on your behalf with no extra spread or commission.

Buy Forex EA Robots

If you want to trade by yourself then you can try our autobots, to automatically manage your forex account.
Our Forex EA, autobots, are best working with EUR/USD. more

Managed Accounts

We trade on your behalf. You open an account, keep the money on your name in your FX account and we will work for you. Monthly return expectation is 20% approximately. To open managed account click here or to know more

Individual Accounts

In this type of account you trade by yourself and enjoy the benefit of lowest spread, no slippage and no reqoutes. If at some stage you think that you need our services they you can get back to us. Open Individual Account

What We Do

We trade forex currency EUR/USD for you and earn on daily basis.

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Fx Rupee Forex Trading

Solution for permanent growing investment

Many people believe that forex trading is an easy job, however, it is not that easy because earning money by forex trading requires a lot of skills like money management, risk management and most important is the experience. That's the reason many of us simply end up with blowing entire accounts within no time.

Either you are investor or existing forex trader, with FxRupee you can constantly grow your income without any hassle, furthermore, the entire amount will remain under your own control. We trade on your behalf and monthly return expectation is around 20% approximately, to see our packages click here. You open an account, keep the money on your name in your forex account and we will work for you.

In forex industry no body offers a cashback. We have confidence on our work and believe that we can earn more than our losses so we also share the losses if that happens. more....

Working with us is very simple.


  • High returns every month approximately $1000+.
  • No knowledge of trading required.
  • Regulated broker that provides safe environment to trade
  • Your investment in your account. Regulatory authorities only allow deposit and withdrawals from client accounts only. Hence, no one else can touch your investment.
  • You can trade by yourself, Open self trading account or open managed account
  • Our created accounts for you, also includes help in deposit and withdrawl.
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